Belka is a simple VJ-Interface, built to use with a touchscreen. Based on the powerfull TouchDesigner-Environment, you get full support for HAP-realtime videoplayback and effects as well as the full palette of assets built in TouchDesigner such as CantanMapper or Stoner.

To use the belka VJ-Interface, you will need a copy of TouchDesigner 099. (Download) You need to register and activate your TouchDesigner install. The free version is fully supported (only limited to 1280*1280).

After installation download the following .zip file and unpack:

Download Belka 1.1

Download Belka Beta 1.2

Download Belka 1.2

Download Belka 1.3Beta

Download Belka1.4

Start the BelkaExample file and connect the Belka-Container to the corrosponding input of the OutputController. Hit F1 to get started.


To import videofiles, create a new folder inside the VideoFiles-Folder and put your files there. I highly recommend to convert to HAP-Codec first.

Press the CreatePreview-Button on the BelkaCOMP.