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Email Sender [50,00 €]

With this component you can send E-Mails from inside of TouchDesigner using the parameter of the comp or by calling the Send(str target, str subject, str content) method. Supports lists of recivers.

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Version Controller [20,00 €]

This component can be dropped in your own components you want to share. It will check if the TD-version matches any version specified by you, and will otherwise open a prompt with a link to your website or an email-address.

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Watchguard [80,00 €]

Contains two elements. One is the Watchguard Application running standalone and the WatchguardClient placed in your patch. The Watchguard monitors changes in the project (Operators, Saving, Deleting, Kexpresses etc.) and restarts it if a crash or freeze should occur. In this case an email with every information can be sent to a given address.

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Schedule [20,00 €]

Offers the possibility to execute scripts at a given time-frame. You can choose between different resolutions or combinations of them. (Seconds, Minute, Hour, Day of Week, Day of Month etc.)

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Video Playlist [20,00 €]

This component will play every Videofile in a specified folder in alphanumeric order. You can define the fadetime between the entries.

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Video Loop-Playlist [20,00 €]

This component will play every Videofile in a specified folder in alphanumeric order in loop for a given time, or, if timing is disabled, till changed via script. This is very useful for looping backgrounds. Might be integrated into VideoPlaylist.
Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Top Switch [20,00 €]

Switches seemless between different InputTOPs in a given time. Takes care of cooking tops up the stream.
Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

Instagram Parser [50,00 €]

Parses all the important information from Instagram like filepath, likecount and more. Can search for User (max the last 11 posts) and hastags (last 27 posts).

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

PJ Link [30,00 €]

Contains two components for work with PJ-Link enabled projectors. With the PJ-Snooper you can scan an IP-Range for PJLink enabled devices. They will be added to a list. Seconds is the actual PJLink-Components. This one connects to a device via TCP/IP and controlls states like power, input and muting. Everything is set in a nice Wrapper.
Use op(‘PJLink’) and one of the following methods: TurnOn()/TurnOff(), SelectInput(‘rgb’/’video’/’digital’, index), Mute(‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘av’)/UnMute(‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘av’).

Supported Version: 099-2019.15230

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